Debris Management

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WCC Services, Inc. tries very hard to limit the amount of damage in any kind of disaster. Our first action is to check compliance with structural code, along with the current condition of said structure. We check for outdoor hazards such as overhanging tree branches or objects that could cause damage if propelled. We are also concerned with drainage. We make sure that water is directed away from the building footings, that water is draining freely, ensure water is not pooling around the doors, and much more.

We want to prevent as much damage as possible before a disaster as well to make response and recovery go more smoothly. However, many disasters do not allow for prep time and no matter how much you prepare there is always recovery work that needs to be completed. WCC Services, Inc. has the experience and equipment to handle any recovery job that is out there.

These are just a few of the services that WCC can and has performed:

Waste & Debris Management

In times of great destruction there is an overabundance of debris that needs to be cleared from the scene and then taken for disposal. When there is too much debris there is not always a place to put it. WCC Services, Inc. has the resources so that this is not a problem. We are even able to store debris temporarily if needed, until proper disposal can be arranged. WCC Services, Inc. has an extensive background in the area of debris removal due largely in part to our disaster recovery experience.


With destruction and demolition comes reconstruction. WCC Services, Inc. has the ability to build from the ground up. Whatever has been destroyed by or demolished because of a disaster can be rebuilt. We are in the business of recovery which, for us, is not finished until reconstruction is completed.

Environmental Operations

WCC Services, Inc. has great resources for disaster recovery, so when there is not a disaster we have resources ready for anything that needs to be completed. Because of the nature of disaster relief and debris removal we are perfectly equipped for jobs such as:

  • Forest thining
  • Canal construction
  • Wetland restoration
  • Oil spill cleanup
  • Industrial cleanup
  • Indoor Air Quality Clearance Testing
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Removal of lead paint
  • Removal of mold
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Dredging
  • Embankment restoration
  • Water Remediation
  • Residential and Commercial Mold Assessments
  • Mold Remediation Protocols
  • Mold Remediation Project Management
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Xactimate Estimating for Remediation and Construction

Baseline Environmental, LLC is comprised of Environmental and Construction professionals with decades of experience working on both residential and commercial projects across the nation. With offices in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, we cover Central and South Florida on a daily basis and often travel nationwide in order to provide our services on large losses. Click here to learn more


Whatever the cause there is always infrastructure that needs to be demolished. WCC Services, Inc. is fully capable of handling any demolition contract. We have expert employees and an abundance of tools and equipment to get the job done as quickly and as clean as possible.

Temporary Roofing

WCC has worked with FEMA and the USACE in the mission of temporary roofing of buildings with partially damaged roofs. WCC Services, Inc. worked with these two agencies in the aftermath of Wilma in South Florida to temporarily mend the destruction until reconstruction could begin.

Featured Projects

USDA Forest Service AL

Talladega National Forest

  • Provided TSI/Mid-Story Removal in Shoal Creek.

USDA Forest Service

Talladega Oakmulgee District

  • Removal of debris

Anup-Shah - developer owner of property

Holiday Inn

  • Remodeled the Holiday Inn
  • Changed flags to Clarion Suites



  • Removal of under brush around pine trees to prevent forest fires, and protect endangered bird species.

USDA Forest Services NF AL

Talladega Workcenter

  • Construction of restrooms and showers

State of NY

2006 Ice Storm Erie, NY

  • Removal of Hangers and Leaners
  • Removal Trees
  • Removal debris

FEMA Projects

WCC Services has managed and executed disaster recovery missions in over 15 states since 2004. We are a Specialized Environmental Contractor with turn key / rapid response capabilities.

Our variety of missions have involved the authority and accountability of Federal Agencies such as USACE, FEMA, FAA, USDA, NRCS and NPS. Our economic approach to utilizing competent local contractors within the disaster zone is the absolute best business approach to federal and state accountability with Disaster declared funding. Listed below are a few FEMA declared disaster events in which WCC Services has performed successfully for our municipal clients:


Hurricane Katrina Debris Removal

  • Removal of Hangers and Leaners
  • Removal of trees
  • Removal of debris


Hurricane Charlie Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Charlie


Hurricane Francis Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Francis


Hurricane Wilma Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Wilma


Hurricane Rita Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Rita


Hurricane Ike Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Ike


Hurricane Sandy (NY/NJ) Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Matthew Debris Removal

  • Removal of debris from Hurricane Matthew